Hey friends! My name is Kayla, and you can usually find me ice skating, cooking/baking, planning the next month in advance, or doing something new and weird. My journey at UT Austin just recently came to an end, so now I’m going crazy trying to get my adult pants on. Currently aspiring to get into pro skating and physicial assistant school, and just seeing where life takes me from there. Welcome to my whole sheblog!


My Favorites

  1. Crazy, Sexy You
    This woman is so inspirational! From her battles with cancer as a young adult to delicious plant-based recipes, her sunshine-like radiance is definitely something I look up to.
  2. No Meat Athlete
    Ever thought about going vegetarian or vegan, but were scared to change your diet because of the physical demands your body takes as an athlete? This website helped me feel reassured about staying well-nourished. Also great for runners!
  3. PA Forum
    Excellent if you are Pre-PA anxiously waiting for those interview invites, but also overall a great place for any questions you have, because they have most likely been covered here.
  4. iCoachSkating
    If you are a passionate and avid figure skater like I am, you'll enjoy the videos and lessons they post. You have to pay a membership fee to have access to all their resources, but they have excellent content.
  5. Minimalist Baker
    I absolutely love this site because she caters to not only vegan, but gluten free and other dietary restrictions. Plus, most of the recipes have less than 10 ingredients or take less than 30 minutes to make!
  6. The Sleep Revolution
    If you must know one more thing about me, it's that I am adamant about getting enough sleep, especially in college. Learn the science behind slumber and ways to improve sleep habits with this book.
If you need more than just resources for these topics, I'm always an open book for whatever your concerns may be! Even if I made a typo or said something weird, I would love your feedback. Leave a comment/question through the link below and I'll be happy to answer anything within logical reason :)
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